Maroon Tube

Study this for a quiz:  Acceptable Use Policy



Microsoft Clip Art


Webpage Course

Best Way to Learn CSS Brief Tutoial


Free Form Code for comment box

How to add a comment box?  Click here (But you will need a second part for it to work.)

HTML Cheat Sheet

How to make Tables

Color Scheme Designer  (colors I used for "Gifted Gab"


CSS Code Generator

CSS Typeset

Menu Generator

Web site design button/menu creator - used to preview your code - code generator

Career Portfolios
Electronic Career Portfolio Directions (.pdf)

Sample Electronic Career Portfolio

Sample 2 Electronic Career Portfolio (former student, 09 Grad of MNHHS)

Resume Template


Multimedia Course

Aspect Ratio

Help with Sony Vegas and other tutorials - Robert's Productions



Principles of Teaching Course

Check what should be in your Teaching Binder, just click here!

Research Based Strategies that All Teachers Should Know

High Yield Research Based Strategies for Teaching



Advanced Multimedia

Green Screen Tutorial



KOSSA Review ~ Everything you ever needed.   :)

Go to

It will open and have three large boxes with information.

Click Participant Login under the one that has

Go Simple


Make the following entries into the four blanks:

Organization: KOSSA

First Name:  Sample

Last Name:   Sample

Password:     Sample

Click Log In.

Click Continue.

Click Begin.


Administrative Support Pretest - Study for the Admin Support (Multiple Choice Study Questions)

Administrative Support Quizlet Questions - 23 questions

Administrative Support Quiz Professor - 34 questions

Productions that must be completed as part of your test:  Product Rubrics (how you will be graded)

  • Timed Writing  (practice at
  • Business Letter  FBLA Formatting Guideline for Business Letter
  • Spreadsheet Problem

      Business Management Study Guide

      Business Management - a collection of online study guides

      Accounting KOSSA
      Study Guide

      Accounting KOSSA Quizlet (great stuff)

      Accounting KOSSA - a collection of online study guides